ceres_wish (ceres_wish) wrote,

Semi Friends Journal

Just thought I'd make a sticky post about this. A lot of my old flist has either left lj or been MIA. So I decided to prune my flist a bit, and hopefully make new active friends.

Banner by me. Comment to be added

Like i said, I'm hoping to make new mutual friends here on lj. So if we have anything in common or if you feel that we could get along, then please leave a comment and you shall be added! My graphics can be found on rainniedays

Current obsession:

Animanga: Kuroko no basuke, Pandora hearts, 07ghost, katekyo hitman reborn, naruto, sukitte iinasai, Project K, Skip Beat
TV show: The Vampire Diaries
Non-fandom related: Fashion

I can now also be found on:
tumblr .
Feel free to interact with me there if you have an account too.
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